Fire Safe Data Security Safe Key Locking Data Security Safes Size Three DS2003 Phoenix Safe


Fire Safe Data Security Safe Key Locking Data Security Safes Size Three DS2003 Phoenix Safe
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Every business creates masses of data which needs to be backed up in case you ever need to restore your systems in the event of a distaster like fire or flood at work.

No one likes to think about these events but the consequences of a disaster can be seriously reduced making your business better able to bounce back if you do suffer an incident - all you need to do is think about the potential risks and put a plan in place to reduce the impact of the risk as much as possible.  A data safe is a great step on the way to covering yourself - and it's pretty easy to make it happen too! 


The manufacturers recommend maximum exposure to heat must not exceed 52øC or humidity level greater than 85%. It makes sense, therefore, to protect them as potential hazards are many. A cup of boiling tea or coffee, for example, at 100øC will seriously damage your media - probably destroy it!

Loss or damage by fire statistics suggest that 56% of all companies affected by it go out of business, because of vital lost trading information. This is an extreme - BUT IT COULD HAPPEN TO YOU. So what is the value of the data lost?


The thought of loosing all you business data is scary.  If there was a fire at work how many minutes will it take to lose and how many hours will it take to re-create?  All while you're trying to maintain service to your customers.  Phoenix Datacare is the answer. A secure, modern, attractive and highly tested cabinet next to the computer or work station will ensure your files are effectively protected.

Phoenix Datacare safes have been extensively tested in both the UK and Sweden. The Swedish data protection test NT FIRE 017-120 Diskette requires a temperature of 1050øC to be maintained over 2 hours. All Datacare 2000 series are built to exacting standard. Electronic locking and fingerprint locking available as option on models Datacare 2002 and Datacare 2003.

We have three sizes available - this is size three, there are also smaller versions available Electronic Locking Safe Size 1 and Electronic Locking safe size 2 and there are lots of options available (extra shelves etc_ so you can configure your safe to exactly meet your business needs and office budget.

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Other Specification
Internal height x width x depth:
495 x 400 x 405
Lock Type:
External height x width x depth:
770mm x 690mm x 720mm
222 kg
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5 days

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