I Bet You Didn’t Think You Could Do This with a Laser Printer

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Printers are just printers, right? They just print off letters and pictures and recipes and such, right? Wrong. Your printer is a lot cooler than you ever could have imagined. How, I hear you ask with more anticipation than a child going into a sweet shop. OK< maybe you’re not that excited, but some of these are pretty darn cool!

Paper Models

Ok, so this might be a little geeky but it’s still pretty cool nonetheless. With your printer you can print different pieces, cut them out and glue them together to make awesome paper models. Think paper rockets that you can actually launch, a spooky cemetery perfect as a paper Halloween decoration, or even a model of the Webb Telescope.

Paper Board Games

Making board games can be just as fun as playing them. You can use your laser printer to print a chess board and make paper chess pieces to play with. Like puzzles? Then why not use your printer to print your own Sudoku games?

Decorating Your Home

Fed up with boring plain walls? Then why not print your own wall stencils to make cool wall art? Perhaps you could do paper applique on wood throughout the house to add something a little different to your décor? Check out these cool paper applique stairs – or get creative and make your own cool applique designs on furniture, walls, skirting, bannisters and more.

Make Your Own Gift Wrap and Gift Boxes

Gift boxes and gift wrap are expensive, so why not make your own using your laser printer? You can make your own gift boxes by printing out the box design, cutting and folding. Then why not find a cool pattern design you like and print your own gift wrap to cover the box? It’s so easy and much cheaper than buying the wrap.

Wedding Stationary

Getting married on a budget? Then print all your own wedding stationary with a laser printer, including invitations, thank you cards, place cards, seating plans, order of service cards and more. It’s so easy and cheap. You could even print designs onto plain napkins using your laser printer!

‘Ink Rub’ Wood Signs

If you want to make some cool rustic signs on the cheap at home, why not make your own wooden signs and then print off a message and while the ink is still wet, rub it onto your wooden sign quickly for an amazing effect. Don’t forget though, the text has to be printed backwards to ensure it’s gee right way round when you rub the ink on!

Party Bags and Favour Bags

You can make some really beautiful looking laser printer party bags and laser printer favour bags by simply printing your own designs onto paper bags. It’s really simple, quick, cheap but effective and really gives a personal touch to your bags rather than using the same bags as someone else who visited the same shop!

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