Industrial estate blaze highlights importance of fire proof safes

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The importance of having fire proof safes installed on a business premises has once again been highlighted by a blaze in Worcestershire.

A total of ten fire crews were called out to tackle a fire on the Hoobrook Industrial Estate in Kidderminster on Sunday night.

And, though the fire fighters were able to bring the blaze under control after several hours, it has been reported that the fibreglass factory where it initially broke out has been completely gutted.

Police and fire officials have confirmed that they will have to dampen the site down before they can declare it safe to return to, meaning it could be a couple of days before the business's owners are able to return and see if any of their machines or office equipment can be salvaged.

Additionally, speaking to the BBC, Worcester Fire Service group commander Mick Cadman revealed that his men are also checking the site for asbestos and other contaminants, with experts from the Environment Agency having been brought in to help them with this task.

As yet, the exact cause of the fire has not been determined, though it has been reported that several eyewitnesses claim to have seen a massive explosion before the onset of the blaze.

Coming soon after dozens of businesses up and down the country were left devastated in the wake of civil unrest and rioting, this latest fire once again illustrates the importance of installing fire proof safes in offices and other commercial premises.

At the end of the summer, the Guardian reported that the bill for repairing the damage caused by rioters could come to as much as £100 million.

While it is anticipated that taxpayers will cover the cost of repairing the damage done to streets, firms that lost sensitive documents to fire or theft are unlikely to receive such assistance.

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