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Artists Supplies

We stock a huge range of artist and graphics supplies for all your craft or technical needs. Below you will find explanations of our most popular art and graphics product categories.

Cutting Mats

Ideal for protecting surfaces when you are cutting card or paper with craft knives. Our range of cutting mats provide safety whilst still allowing for an easy cutting action.

Craft Knives

We supply several types of craft knives and scalpels as well as Stanley knives and replacement blades for all of your office or warehouse needs.

Fine Art Pencils

Discover your inner artist with our range of fine art pencils. Ideal for delicate colour drawing our packs come in a variety of sizes.

Technical Pens

Technical pens and replacement nibs from precision pen makers like Rotring for all of your drawing needs.

Drawing Aids

Maths sets, compass, rulers and drawing boards are just a small part of our drawing aids collection. Every writing tool you need.

Guillotine and Trimmers

Full range of paper guillotines, trimmers and cutters for all uses from home to professional sizes.

Crayons Chalk & Charcoal

Old skool chalk for your blackboard? Or maybe some crayons for colouring in, we even have charcoal for your artistic needs.

Other Graphics Supplies

For all those art or graphics supplies that defy classification, from board clips to paper hangers we have what you need.


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