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Deciding on binders and files might seem like a relatively easy task but can actually be quite difficult due to the huge range of files, pockets and binders we supply. They come in a variety of sizes depending on your needs and as many colours as a rainbow, from pink to purple. However some of their features are more important than others so here is a run down of the different filing products we sell.  There's a link to the actual product ranges below so it's really easy to click through and find the office filing you need.

Our Range of Office Filing and Storage

Lever Arch FilesLever Arch Files

Lever arch files are recognizable from their distinct binder mechanism which is operated by a lever. The rings in a lever arch file are large and shaped in a D shape to allow for more paper or files to be easily inserted. The action of the lever allows the rings to be opened without losing their contents.

Ring BindersRing Binders

Ring binders are smaller than lever arch files and normally for the storage of smaller groups of files or reports. Ring binders come with either two or three rings and are normally of a “snap” open design. They are available in a wide range of colours.

Box FilesBox Files

Box files are a great way to store loose documents, invoices or magazines. Box files have a rigid case with a cover that lifts open giving access to the documents inside. They are sometimes supplied with an internal spring which holds documents in place.

Manilla WalletsManilla Wallets, Folders and Files

Our range of manilla wallets come in a number of colours or assorted packs. Generally designed for loose documents of up to 150 papers. Manilla wallets come with a flap that folds over to store the documents inside they can then be fasted with elastic or fasteners. We also sell the smaller manilla files and folders.

Expanding FilesExpanding Files

Expanding files are concertinaed to allow access to the many compartments (normally A-Z) inside. This in effect give you a small portable filing cabinet without the need for lots of space.

Plastic PocketsPlastic Pockets

Plastic pockets are ideal for keeping documents clean and organised, we stock a massive range with packs of 10 to 100 for all your organizational needs. We have top or side opening pockets and punched or plain.

Plastic Folders and WalletsPlastic Folders and Wallets

Plastic wallets and files are a great way to transport documents and keep them organised. We offer them in a range of sizes and colours. We offer both plastic folders and also plastic wallets.

Card HoldersCard Holders

Made from high quality polished polypropylene our card holders are tough, grease-proof, and wipe clean. Suitable for signs and name tags.

Suspension FilesSuspension Files

Suspension files hang inside filing cabinet drawers. We stock both lateral and vertical suspension files in different sizes, colours and fittings.

Archive FilingArchive Filing

Archive filing is for documents that will be going into storage or not going to be used on a daily basis. They can hold large volumes or paperwork and can be stacked to save space.

Presentation FoldersPresentation Folders

Presentation folders have clear front covers to allow easy viewing of contents. This makes them ideal for presenting your work. The folders are also reusable so can be used again and again.


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