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Green Office Supplies

We here at theOfficeSuppliesSupermarket.com are committed to providing a full range of green office supplies and stationery so it's easier for your office to help the environment while saving more on all your Office Supplies and stationery.

We love recycled products as well as ethically sourced office supplies and our aim is to supply as many of these more environmentally friendly alternatives as possible.  We work closely with Avery to support Green Office Week and will have a category of purley Green Office Supplies listed here soon.

Green and Ethical Brands and Certification we stock:


Fairtrade items are produced to provide improved worker conditions, prices, sustainability and terms of trade for farmers in the developing world. This is done by requiring that companies pay fair prices that never fall below market prices. Fairtrade also champions the poorest and weakest produces to balance terms of trade and improve the negotiating power of third world farmers.

Rainforest Alliance

The Rainforest Alliance aims to preserve biodiversity and encourage sustainable livelihoods by promoting changes to land management, business methods and consumer behaviour.

Recycled Products

We stock a wide variety of recycled items which include the many different certifications such as Nordic Swan. The items can be part or fully recycled depending on the manufacturing. We possible we make it clear which of our items are recycled - check the Green Office Supplies page for more details.

TCO Certification

This certification is given to electrical items such as monitors that conform to certain specifications such as low energy use or emissions.

Sustainable Resources

These are products produced from a managed sustainable source such as the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council). These products are only manufactured from resources that are carefully controlled and shown to be sustainable.

The Office Supplies Supermarket aims to increase its range of environmentally friendly and ethically sourced office products as much as possible. We try to indicate on all of our office supplies their green credentials so take a look at our Green Office Supplies page and use the filters to find the best stationery for you.


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