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Your mailroom or warehouse is most likely the hub of your business and should never be overlooked when buying office supplies. We offer a vast array of postal and warehouse equipment and supplies to cater for all your needs.

Mailroom and Warehouse FurnitureMailroom and Warehouse Furniture

We offer a large selection of mailroom and warehouse furniture to keep your business organised. Choose from pigeon holes, post room sorter hutches, step ladders and post room tables and cupboards.

Packing MaterialsPacking Materials

Every warehouse and post room needs packing materials and we have them all including boxes, bags, string, paper, bubble wrap and more.

Packing EquipmentPacking Equipment

Good packing equipment improves efficiency and saves you time and money. We have tape guns, shrink wrap systems and box opening equipment to help you streamline your warehouse or mail room.

Postal TubePostal Tubes

Strong cardboard tubes ideal for posting out rolled documents like maps, posters or signs. We have a full range in a variety of sizes with caps.

Rubber BandsRubber Bands

Whether you are keeping folders shut, holding bunches of pens together or creating a makeshift office catapult your’ going to need a few rubber bands. We have rubber bands in different colours, sizes and packs.

Postal ScalesPostal Scales

Weigh up your options; can your mailroom afford to be without a pair of scales? If not choose from our large selection from small 5g letter scales to 50kg postal scales.


Racking is needed in warehouses and post rooms if you are going to create areas to place and organise your inventory or post. We off ranges from single shelves to interlocking full solutions.

Storage BoxesStorage Boxes

Store and organise your goods and post with our range of robust and stackable storage boxes ideal for warehouse use. We also provide part bins and storage crates.

Mail Trolleys and TrucksMail Trolleys and Trucks

Move heavy post or goods from place to place or transport good upstairs with our selection of mail trucks and trolleys.

Toold and DIYTools and DIY

Tape measures, drills, Stanley knives and more will all be required by mist large warehouses from time to time.

Vehicle EquipmentVehicle Equipment

If you employ drivers and own vehicles you may need some items from our vehicle equipment range including satellite navigation (Tom Tom), hazard signs and Tachograph discs.


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