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Notice boards are a great way to create an information point within your office. This can be for a reception area to provide information or greeting to visitors or within sales teams to show achievements and targets. We provide a huge selection of notice boards for your every need including dry wipe boards, chalk boards and accessories.

Drywipe BoardsDrywipe Boards

Our drywipe boards come in both magnetic and non magnetic varieties depending on your need to attached pre made letters and symbols. Drywipe boards allow you to write and erase your messages with the use of special drywipe markers. This makes them great for writing out objectives, presentations or targets.

Notice and Pin BoardsNotice and Pin Boards

Pin boards create a focal point for information and employee notices. We sell them in a variety of sizes and finishes such as felt, cork, magnetic and framed or not.

Chalk BoardsChalkboards

Chalkboards are great for those who prefer a more traditional feel for there presenting or just for adding more style to things like restaurant menu’s, canteen information and meetings.

Info BoardsInformation Boards / Letter Boards

Information boards are usually of a slightly higher specification to other boards as they are normally client or customer facing. They will often be framed or encased in glass or tamperproof cases. Information boards are great for reception areas or lobby’s.

Accessories and MarkersAccessories and Markers

We also offer an extensive range of notice board accessories such as extra letters and numbers as well as drywipe markers, drywipe board erasers and drywipe board cleaning products.



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