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Making a presentation can be a nerve wracking experience and the last thing you need is to be let down by your presentation equipment. We stock a huge range of presenting apparatus, everything from projectors to flip charts. So whether you like to be a high tech whiz with all the latest gadgets or a people person with just a flip chart we have the right supplies for you.

Presentation Equipment

Office Rail SystemsRail Systems

Rail systems offer great space saving and look professional in meeting rooms and training environments. Rail systems allow you to hang boards and even TVs and projection screens on them.

Display PanelsDisplay Panels & Accessories

We offer a wide selection of display panels which are ideal for conferences, exhibition halls or anywhere you may need to set up a stand or give a presentation. We also have all the accessories for your boards too.

Flipchart EaselsFlipchart Easels

Flipchart easels are great for presenting or brain storming sessions where you need to write things down on a flip chart but keep the presentation moving along.

Projection ScreensProjection Screens

Projection screen gives you a surface to project images or video onto for your presentations. They offer much better quality images than simply projecting onto a wall and can be stored away when not in use.

Overhead ProjectorsOverhead Projectors

Overhead projectors consist of a light box and mirror set up that refracts images onto a screen or wall. This type of projector is often used in classrooms or where static images or text need to be put on the screen.

Office TVTV and Video

We offer a great range of office TV’s many of which come with built in DVD players ideal for multimedia presentations or showing corporate videos in you reception areas.

Office ProjectorsLCD Projectors

Office projectors or LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) projectors are a great addition to any board room or office, allowing you to project multimedia or computer data onto a screen or wall. The size of your display can be easily changed to suit your needs.


Copyboards are a fantastic piece of presentation equipment that actually stores what is written or drawn on them and can then print out or email your entire presentation to others.

Office CamerasOffice Cameras and Camcorders

Before you give your presentation you need to put it together and with our great range of cameras this should be very easy. We offer everything from disposable cameras right up to Camcorders and SLR’s.

AV TrolleysAV Trolleys

Technology is great in a presentation but can be bulky and difficult to move around. With an AV trolley it makes things much easier to position your equipment and set up properly.


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