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We have a huge range of safes and security products.  Although our range is vast, each item has been handpicked and checked for quality.  Because we are able to source our safes and security products directly from the manufacturers we can pass on the discounts we receive directly to you with some of our products being discounted by upto 65%.    

Need help choosing the right safe for you? Call 08451 701 601 view the safes range or continue to read our our buyers guide.
Fire data safes
For every business, protection of data is of paramount importance. Losing data though fire can have a disastrous impact on a business.  Datamedia will become damaged at temperatures over 52° or humidity over 85%. All our datasafes are tested to meet the industry standards for protection.

Fire safes
Fire can have a devastating impact on a business. We have a great range of Fire Cupboards, Fire Document Safes, Fire Proof Filing and Fire Security Boxes.  To ensure document protection all products must have an appropriate industry standard 60 minute paper certificate as a minimum.

Fire cupboards
Fire cupboards offer a multipurpose solution against the threat of fire coupled with unparalleled ease of access to your valuables.

Fire document safes
To ensure document protection all products must have an appropriate industry standard 60 minute paper certificate as a minimum. 

Fireproof filing cabinet
Fire proof filing cabinets offer the ideal solution for when documents need to be easily accessible.  They operate much like a regular filing cabinet but offer unparalleled  levels of fire protection to ensure your peace of mind.
Security boxes
Domestic user’s retailers and banks are forever reviewing the secure storage of cash and valuables. Faced with increasing threats to security and with opportunist theft on the increase securing your cash and valuables has become increasingly important
Cashier deposit safes
Need to immediately deposit your cash without unlocking your safe? Our cashier depository safes have different capacity drop area's to accommodate money bags, envelopes, packages and deposit capsules.
High security safes
Our high security safes are insurance, valuable and Euro Grade rated with advanced locking and bolt work mechanisms to provide maximum level securiy. Perfect for all high risk commercial institutions, particularly jewellers and banking institutions and trusted by government organisations across the country.
Home safe
Small and mighty, ideal when space is at a premium and concealment is needed our Home safes never compromise on security. They are ideal for keeping your valuables safe.
Hotel safe
In a hotel, customers expect the highest standards and any one of the safes in our range will provide this.  User friendly controls and easy installation and maintenance we offer a great range and can offer discounts for bulk purchase.
Under floor  safes
under floor safes offer all the advantages of a traditional safe coupled with a very important advantage – concealment – If they can’t see it, they can’t steal it.
Key safes
Key boxes or Key stores are usually wall mounted key safes in which you can store anything from a single key to a small bunch or even access cards thus providing access by multiple users but eliminating the need for multiple keys. 

Security boxes
Security boxes in all their various shapes and sizes cater for your short term security needs. Cash boxes, document boxes, post boxes and laptop security devices all provide great short term security for your business.  Many of our customers use these in combination with a regular safe for increased long term security.

Cash boxes
Cash boxes are great for storing office petty cash, receipts and other small valuables. Our range starts with the basic cash box available in various sizes with a removable tray, high capacity boxes which feature a coin and notes section to coin counter and banknote holders.

Document boxes
Secure all your vital papers such as deeds and passports in a document box. Should you need to protect you documents against fire opt for a fireproof document box for added protection

Secure Post box
if your data security is important to you why not protect you mail with our range of post boxes. They can also be used as company suggestion boxes, Ballot boxes and Doctors repeat prescription boxes they are secure lockable containers which can be wall mounted for additional security

Laptop safes
Damaging a laptop is bad – expensive repairs, loss of productivity, the possibility of data lost forever.... and the list goes on.  Losing a laptop is unthinkable – business contacts...gone, confidential data, floating around in the public domain.  We offer a range of laptop security solutions to ensure that the worst doesn’t happen


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