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Philips PSM1010 SmartMike Duo USB

Philips PSM1010 SmartMike Duo USB

Key Features

  • AI Conversation Recording and Transcription
  • USB-C connectivity
  • Low-noise electret condenser microphones with AI support
  • Captures every word that has been said
  • Find out who said what quickly through clear transcripts
  • available in multiple languages
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    SmartMike Duo helps you document conversations easily and accurately, whether it is for legal compliance, quality assurance or simply meeting protocols. You can keep your conversation with your colleague or client natural and comfortable and still receive clear transcripts of who said what. Created documentation can be easily retrieved later and jumping to the correct passage is quick and easy.

    Speak naturally and create automatic conversation notes. A written transcript of the two speakers is created in real-time and an audio file is saved in addition for future reference. No need to take written notes or dictate in meetings, helping you to stay focused on your conversation partner and the task at hand.

    SmartMike Duo creates clear transcripts, even when people speak simultaneously. The patented AI algorithms running inside the device enable real-time separation of the two speakers even in noisier environments. This makes sure no important information is lost when people speak at the same time.

    SmartMike Duo creates clear, searchable transcripts of every speaker during a conversation. You can easily skip to relevant information in the transcript. No need to listen to the entire audio recording to find a relevant piece of information.

    You can easily record conversations and create transcripts from these meetings for legal or quality assurance purposes and use them as a quick evidence base later if needed. Proof of someone having said or heard something can therefore be easily and quickly obtained.

    Create transcripts in English (US, UK and Australia), French (France and Canada), Afrikaans, Catalan, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Greek, German, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Slovak, Spanish and Swedish.

    Meeting transcripts are safely stored in our secure SpeechLive solution and can be accessed from anywhere. Whether you are in the office or on the go, your valuable data can always be accessed.

    The SmartMike allows you to record two speakers accurately with just one device. The microphone can be placed naturally on the table and does not get in the way of a conversation. Due to its compact size, it can also easily be taken to customer meetings.

    The hygienic surface physically hinders the colonization of germs and thus improves the efficiency of the usual measures for disinfecting. The polished, high-quality surface also makes the device non-sensitive to touch noises and fingerprints.

    Included in the box:

    PSM1010 SmartMike Duo, USB cable (USB type C to USB type A plug), Neoprene pouch, Quick start guide

  • 12 months parts and labour warranty on machines only. Call the Philips UK support line on 0207 660 2740