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Leitz TruSens Z-3000 Large Room Air Purifier with SensorPod

Leitz TruSens Z-3000 Large Room Air Purifier with SensorPod
  • Simple Touch Controls, External SensorPod, 5 fan speeds, 360-degree filtration, PureDirect airflow technology, Carbon / HEPA / UV filters types, timer option

Key Features

  • Simple Touch Controls
  • External SensorPod
  • 5 fan speeds
  • 360-degree filtration
  • PureDirect airflow technology
  • Carbon / HEPA / UV filters types
  • timer option
Offer expires 31st Aug 2020
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  • Remote sensing has been proven to provide more accurate readings of the air quality in a room. SensorPod takes air quality readings and communicates those readings back to the purifier. SensorPod air quality readings are displayed and TruSens adapts accordingly. A colour-coded illuminated ring provides additional information by visually communicating good, moderate, or poor air quality.

    No clunky knobs or buttons to push. Adjust settings with a simple touch. Capacitive Touch Control display is not only easy to use, it's easy to keep clean as well.

    Engineered to reduce areas of low air flow. Bi-directional air flow better distributes clean air throughout an entire room.

    Contemporary air purifier combines DuPont filtration with a unique approach to delivering cleaner air. Sensing the air around you, TruSens automatically adjusts to the conditions of your air and is engineered to distribute purified air more effectively.

  • 1 - 3 years warranty depending on model. (please check on for more information) For Warranty repairs of all types of Kensington Products, please contact Leitz CRC - 01483 776060